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ipyvizzu-story Animated Chart Presentation in Jupyter Notebook and in many other environments

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About The Extension

ipyvizzu-story is an extension of ipyvizzu that enables users to create interactive presentations within the data science notebook of their choice. The extension provides a widget that contains the presentation and adds controls for navigating between slides - predefined stages within the story being presented. Navigation also works with keyboard shortcuts - arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, Home, End - and you can also use a clicker to switch between the slides. Since ipyvizzu-story's synthax is a bit different to ipyvizzu's, we suggest you to start from the ipyvizzu repo if you're interested in building animated charts but not necessarly presenting them live or to share your presentation as an HTML file.


pip install ipyvizzu-story

Visit Installation chapter of our documentation site for more installation options and details.


You can check the code behind the animation on the top of the page in HTML or download it as an ipynb file.

You can create the story below with the following code snippet.


from ipyvizzu import Data, Config
from ipyvizzustory import Story, Slide, Step

data = Data()
data.add_series("Foo", ["Alice", "Bob", "Ted"])
data.add_series("Bar", [15, 32, 12])
data.add_series("Baz", [5, 3, 2])

story = Story(data=data)

slide1 = Slide(
        Config({"x": "Foo", "y": "Bar"}),

slide2 = Slide(
        Config({"color": "Foo", "x": "Baz", "geometry": "circle"}),

Visit our Documentation site for more details and a step-by-step tutorial into ipyvizzu-story or check out our Example gallery.

Environment support

ipyvizzu-story can be used in a wide variety of environments, visit Environments chapter of our documentation site for more details.


We welcome contributions to the project, visit our Contributing guide for further info.



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Released under the Apache 2.0 License.